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The history of the library

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First Polish library was founded in Tczew in 1912 by Society of People’s Readings (Towarzystwo Czytelni Ludowych). Reading was suspended during the First World War. Its further development took place after the partitions of the country and the return of Tczew to Poland on the 30th of January 1920. The first premises of the library was in the building of the post office. The library was operating until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. During the occupation, the Nazis destroyed most of Tczew’s collection of books. Some of the books were saved thanks to help of the the citizens of Tczew, who risked their lives hiding the books.

On the 24th of January 1946 The City Council decided to set up the Municipal Library and Reading Room named after the „Participants of the fight for independence”, whose official opening and dedication took place in March 1946. The first manager of the library was Bronisława Borońska. Over the 60 years of the Tczew library, 11 directors (managers) were in chargé of it: Bronisława Borońska (15.12.1945 – 31.01.1954, Halina Czarnecka (01.2.1954 – 31.12.1969), Ewa Bieńkowska (01.01.1970 – 28.02.1972), Krystyna Barczykowska (01.3.1972 – 31.07.1972), Jerzy Książe (01.08.1972 – 31.12.1978), Grażyna Szczepańska (01.10.1979 – 30.04.1981), Roman Landowski (01.05.1985 – 30.09.1985), Grażyna Żeśko (01.10.1985 – 18.09.1996), Urszula Wierycho (25.09.1996 – 30.04.2015), Krzysztof Korda – from01.05.2015.

The premises of the library was at 18 Kościuszko Steet. Afterwards new subsidiaries were created to take care of the needs of the readers living in other parts of the city.

  • • Subsidiary number 1 (New Town) from 1951
  • • Subsidiary number 2 (Czyżykowo estate) from 1953
  • • Subsidiary number 3 (Suchostrzygi estate) from 1987
  • • Subsidiary number 4 (Staszica estate) – from 1984 [1956]
  • • Subsidiary number 5 (Old Town) – from 1953
  • • Subsidiary number 6 (Old Town) – from 1969 roku,
  • • Subsidiary number 7(Górki estate) – from 1993 roku,
  • • Subsidiary number 8 (Old Town) – from 1946
  • • Subsidiary number 9 (New Town) – from 1980 roku

In 1970 there were further organizational changes. County and Municipal Public Library was established. Three years later a new statute was released, transforming the position of a manager of the library into the position of a director of the library. Next due to new administrative division of the country (counties were abolished) once again the priorities and tasks of the library were changed. The only public librerian institution was now Voivodship Public Library in Gdańsk, which had three branches in Tczew, Kościerzyna and Wejherowo.

On the 11th of September 1978 the governor of Gdańk Voivodship made a decision that Tczew libraries will become independent institutions. The decision came into force on the 1st of January 1979. On that day Tczew library got its own statute given by the Mayor of Tczew. It also changed its name into Municipal Public Library in Tczew named Aleksander Skultet

In 1986, the Main Building of the Library was opened, which was set up in the modernized building of the former court at Jarosław Dąbrowski Street 6.

The year 2000 brought further changes. This time the internet access was established in the reading room, helping the ihabitants of Tczew to stay online in the virtual world.

Currently, thanks to having nine subsidiaries, the library is available in almost every housing estate. The library runs The City History Section, which is visited by lovers of our city’s history, children’s clubs, library classes, conferences, lectures, book promotions and authors' meetings. Recently among our guests were : Marek Krajewski, Andrzej Pilipiuk, Katarzyna Miller and many more.