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Director de la Biblioteca Munincipal de Tczew, dr Krzysztof Korda

I am more than happy to welcome you on the website of the Municipal Public Library in Tczew. We are a cultural institution financed by the Tczew local municipal government. We are in chargé of nine librarian subsidiaries located in most of the housing estates of our city. Our most important goal is to collect, develop, store and protect library materials and make books available for the citizens. Currently there are about 155,000 publications available. Apart from books we also encourage to participate in our activities, librarian classes, author meetings and many other attractions. We have almost 13 000 permanent readers, statistically almost a quarter of the inhabitants of the city uses the resources available in our libraries. We enjoy every visit, and there are about 160 000 of them every year.

Please welcome in our library!
dr Krzysztof Korda
Director of the Public Municipal Library in Tczew

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